Welcome to Leiden Walking Tours!

If you are interested in a tour, we can plan them on request. Contact us to ask about availability. Generally, tours are only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our English-language tours explore the historic center of Leiden, where quaint streets and canals illustrate hundreds of years of history. The city lays claim to being the childhood home of Rembrandt and to having both the oldest university and the oldest botanic garden in the Netherlands, but there is much more to discover and learn. On our 2-hour-long tour, we will share stories about Leiden’s rich past and explain how it transformed from a city of industry to a city of science.

Some of the things you’ll learn on the tour…

  • Why Leiden is nicknamed “Sleutelstad” (Key City) and “City of Discovery”
  • What life was like for the American Pilgrims when they lived in Leiden before they set sail for the New World
  • Why Leideners eat herring and white bread every year on the 3rd of October
  • How Leiden resident Goeie Mie became one of the most successful serial killers of all time